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State and County Guidelines for Pools and Swim Meets

April 20, 2021

Taken from Virginia Executive Order 72 

A. Business Restrictions
5. Fitness and Exercise Facilities

f. Outdoor and indoor swimming pools may be open, provided occupancy is limited to no more than 75 percent of the lowest occupancy load on the certificate of occupancy and all swimmers maintain at least ten feet of physical distance from others who are not Family members as defined below in section I, subsection D, paragraph 2.

Taken from EMERGENCY ORDINANCE NO. 21-E(1) on Albemarle County website.

Sec. 5. Limitation of the Number of Attendees at Gatherings and Certain Events and Activities

C. Recreational sports. The total number of attendees (either spectators, or spectators and participants, as stated below) at indoor and outdoor recreational sports activities are limited as follows:

2. Outdoor sports. For sports played outdoors, the total number of spectators may not exceed the lesser of 30 percent of the occupancy load stated on the certificate of occupancy for the venue or 500 persons per field.